Selectively bred dogs to the breed standard

Camp Wrinkles Chinese Shar-pei


MOXIE - 3 year Female

female out of our stud male Beaux and import Vivi. Fawn brushcoat

HAMMER- 1 year Male- Black

Show potential male. His body type is square, brushcoat. He is a nice mover. Lovely pigment - black brushcoat.

Genetics with friendly temperament yields a happy dog

Decide if a dog is for you

Think long and seriously about the responsibilty and finanical costs of having a dog. Make sure if you rent that a pet is allowed.

Save your money

Determine the AKC breeder that you want to establish a relationship with. Make sure you have plenty of money saved to buy a dog and care for it.

Check other breeds out to be sure a Chinese Shar-Pei is the one for you

All puppies are cute and then they grown up. Make sure this breed is what you  really want.  Liver and kidney failure along with eye surgery and musicn bubbles may happen. Educate yourself on these items.

Training is key

Obedience is key to having a happy dog. BE prepared to attend a weekly class when you get your dog.

About Us

The Simple Premise - Happy, Healthy Canines


Camp Wrinkles Chinese Shar-pei Canines started with a simple premise: to show, study the genetic of the breeding lines which are the breed standard and produce healthy offspring. People seek our breeding lines out because our dogs are home raised, trained and love their humans. We have had this breed of dog for over 17 years. We have produced several AKC Champions, a few from the Bred By Class and we pride ourselves in playful pups that grown up to be happy dogs for both the show ring and companion homes. All of our potential customers are screened to be sure the people have a lifestyle to include a dog in their life and that the Chinese Shar-Pei is a good match for them. Our puppies and adults are cared for in our house and on our acreage in Connecticut so they have great personalities,, get along with people and other dogs and are obedience and leash trained.  An application is required and we do invite you to visit us once the application is approved and cleared. 

We are located in central Connecticut USA near the Connecticut River. 

The property has several fenced in areas to keep the dogs safe at all times. This also provides different areas to seperate and train the puppies as they grow. Our puppies and adults understand the pack mentality here at Camp Wrinkles Chinese Shar-Pei.

We hope you understand what we do -

A-Produce dogs to the breed standard selectively.

B-Provide  the right nutrition- probiotics in their water, Nu-Vet Vitamins daily and the correct protein in the dry food our breed eats on a daily basis

C-Training- leash training, socialize with people and other animals and outdoor socializing

D-Vaccines- minimal vaccines that are necessary for the Chinese Shar-Pei- rabies at 6 months, Neopar and Neovac series as a puppy and annual wellness exams.

THERE ARE NO DEALS WITH PURCHASING A DOG - only many vet bills for an unhealthy dog. If you don't understand the genetics, disease a canine may get or this breed may have in its lineage, then don't purchase the dog. There are expenses in owning and caring for a dog- food - $75 to $100 per 30 lb bag, probiotics for the water, Nu-Vet Vtaimins- $60 a bottle for a 90 day supply, bathe and dremmel nails, vaccines and other care as the need arises.


Camp Wrinkles Champion Chinese Shar-Pei

Chinese Shar-Pei

NO- it is not Sharpeis, sharpei or pei- it is Chinese Shar-Pei. That is the breed name - one Chinese Shar-Pei or 20 Chinese Shar-Pei. 

Funny Questions People Ask Me

1- Do you have to clean between the wrinkles? No No NO. The dog needs a bath once every 3 months - real simple. They need their nails dremmeled every other week and they need their ears cleaned.

2-Are they fighting dogs? No No NO

3-Do they get along with other dogs, children or animals? You need to train you and the new dog that you get to merge with your family at home. The training should be at AKC obedience class weekly for 8 to 10 weeks.

4- What kind of food should I feed my dog? Ask your breeder. Go to our nutrition page for some suggestions. Don;t rely on FB chat groups for your answer. Ask your veterinarian as well.

5-How smart s this breed? I have smart dogs because I train them and give them a job to do if they are bored. By that I mean go to a Barn Hunt class or rally and compete with your dog and have fun.

Don't Assume Anything

Your point of contact is your breeder. They are your liaison  and know what is best for their breed of dog. Call them.

About Us

Experienced Breeders

We show and breed Chinese Shar-Pei selectively for AKC/UKC conformation shows as well as companion pet homes. The hips-OFA tests are done along with CERF the eyes, patellas, elbows and thyroid tests to the breeding pair.

Breed Standard

The Chinese Shar-Pei are aloof with strangers, loyal to their family, smart and clean.

Puppies and Adults Available

We have both puppies and adults who have finished their show career or breeding lineage and want to go to a forever home to be your pet and love you. Ask us.

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Show Dogs - Genetically paired for sweet personalities and the breed standard. AKC registered - show dogs or spay/neuter contract for a companion only.

Camp Wrinkles Chinese Shar-Pei