We have puppies/ adults available 10-29-2018

1 - Ross - puppy- fawn male brushcoat

Ross is a puppy from my champion female Glitter x Beaux-my major pointed male. He  has great bone, straight front and head proportional to his body. He is a sweetheart and loves children, other dogs and will love you.

2- Hammer - black male brushcoat

Hammer is a black brushcoat male who is a very loving boy. Square muscular boy with good bone. Great show potential.  He is out of my GCH Camp Wrinkles Indigo Moon.


About Us

WE DO NOT TEXT photos or conversation.

Provide us a phone number that you will answer and have a live conversation with us.

Our dogs are very special.

Each dog that is bread and raised with the Camp Wrinkles name shares years of genetic reasearch, proper diet, vitamin regimen and loving care here at our location.

Ask alot of questions.

We welcome questions that you may have about dogs in general or specific to our breed. We take pride in our litters and welcome you to be part of the Camp Wrinkles Family. That is what differentiates us for the others. See for yourself.


Quality comes with a price - WE do not skimp on anything for our dogs here.



Puppies are a joy to receive.  Plans for a successful partnership between your breeder and you are essential and reviewed before accepting a Camp Wrinkles Shar-Pei into your home.

Please make sure you educate yourself on our breed and the diseases that may be in the genetic background of this breed and be ready to pay for the  veterinarian dr. visits should the dog require medication and care. Once you take ownership, the dog is your financial responsibility to care for the life of that dog. Listen to your breeder. 

We have puppies placed in NY, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Texas, and England.

We do ship USA only after clearing the application, but our preference is to meet you and your family. 

We require a non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy or adult and an application and phone interview to determine if this breed is a good fit for you and your family and lifestyle.


Sharon and Ned -Massachusetts- Theo - 2018

Two thumbs up for this amazing lady as she continues to perfect her breeding lines. We own Theo- we are surprised by his intelligence, his stability and his breed type and loving personality. As long time owners of this breed, we searched for a breeder who would provide us with a healthy companion. She shares her knowledge and devotion to this breed. Thank you for our boy Theo. And we just added anoth CW pu- Tyndall who is so smart and loving too.

Hope and Robert- Rhode Island - We have two of the Camp Wrinkles dogs and adore them. They are smart and bred to the breed standard. We love Micah and Smudge and can call our breeder anytime of the day or night and she guildes us with nutrition, care and general canine information.


Dog Training - Conformation and Basic Obedience

We offer conformation for showing your dog classes outdoors in May 2018 in  Connecticut in Middlesex County. We also offer private lessons for basic obedience and new dog and puppy classes. Message us for evaluation appointments.

Happy Owners

We have many happy owners of our Camp Wrinkles line of Chinese Shar-Pei. 

Selective puppies annually

At Camp Wrinkles, we are striving to perfect the Chinese Shar-Pei breed standard and do research on breeding pairs before considering the mating.

Puppies that become Champions

We are proud of our puppies who go on to show at AKC/UKC shows. The puppies that go to a companion home environment to be loved are a joy as well based on their smart, sweet personality based upon home raisng and light obedience training that they receive here.

We ask many questions!

We have an application with many questions on it so that you are clear about the breed of dog and have the right environment for this puppy to grow up in. We also want you to know the expectations, expenses, training and care that encompasses having a dog. The cost of an AKC registered and genetically chosen researched sire and dam is $2000 and up- of any breed.

If you have no money - Buy a Goldfish

This is our philosophy on dog ownership. You as the buyer don't control the price of our dogs. If you don't have a job, you have no money and you want a dog, get a goldfish. For under $15 you can provide it water, food and a bowl.

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Once you complete the application and are approved, we will invite you to visit.

An application will be sent to you to be completed within 24 hours.

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